Well that’s it folks!

The last race meeting for season 2016 was held on Saturday 5th November, 2016, with 67 entries for the night.

What a mixed bag we were dealt with from the start of day continuing throughout the night. Temperatures around 37 – 38 degrees, full hot sun with a dry dusty breeze. Loss of Power (Energex problem), flying wheels, starting lights with a mind of their own, lack of flag marshalls, but besides all of the above, it was a great night of some spectacular clean, close racing to watch even though we did finish around midnight.

The race of the night was definitely Group 3 – between Brad Reynolds and Darren Meen, only literally centimetres between the karts for most of the race, it was spectacular to watch these two drivers battle it out to the finish line. Both drivers ran a great race and displayed great sportsmanship and driving skills. Brad held on to take 1st place.

The comical race of the night was also Group 3, watching Greg Limbrick trying to do a stint from “Cool Runnings”at the finish of one of his races, he accepted defeat and gave up about 1 metre from the line.

Congratulations to all drivers who competed on the night and to the drivers who finished on a high, resulting in a podium finish for the Championship of your group.

Thank you to all competitors, their pit crews, family members, friends and general spectators for all your support over the season.

Thank you to all of the Officials and helpers that persevered the hot conditions and assisted with the setting up and running of the day.

As the Lions club venue is still undergoing renovations, the monthly club meeting will be held tomorrow night

DATE: Tuesday 8th November, 2016

VENUE: Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club Track

TIME: 6.00 pm start

AGENDA: President Report, Secretary Report, Treasurer Report, Clerk of Course Report, General Business


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