The club was established in late 1998 with the very first Committee being elected on 9th February 1999 at a meeting which was held at the premises of 2 East St, Ipswich. The meeting was opened at 7.30pm by Bob Gartside as the acting spokesperson.

The 1st President elected of the club was Geoff Allen. The 1st Secretary elected was Alwyn Bowtell. The 1st Treasurer elected was Bob Gartside.

The original club name “Ipswich Dirt Kart Club – a family sport” was suggested by the members who attended the meeting, the motion was moved by Brian Scott and seconded by Marlene Wiskar.

The 1st bank account was opened with the First Provincial Building Society in the Ipswich Mall as a cheque account with $160.00 which was what was in the kitty from members who had joined the club.

The original membership fee was $20.00 which included a family with children up to the age of 18 years of age, any person over 18 would have to pay full membership. The original fee for race entry was suggested to be $10.00 per kart and $2.00 per extra driver.

The club started racing at Willowbank in 2002 before moving to Coominya in 2006. It was at the Coominya track where the club held its 1st night race meet (Saturday 17th February. 2007) 2 weeks later, a noise complaint was lodged with the Esk Shire Council during the race meeting held on the 4/3/2007. As a result of this, the club had to make arrangements to find somewhere else to race, which saw them head out to Archerfield Bitumen Track for the short period, 14/3/2007 – 29/7/2007. The club was charged a standard fee per race meet regardless of the numbers and due to the decline in members attending the meets, the club could not afford the costs. As a result of the situation, the club approached Wes Charles and received confirmation that the club could use Ma Ma Creek track where they held their 1 st race meet on Sunday 5/8/2007. All races were held on Sundays with the final race meet held on Sunday 6/7/2008. It was on Sunday 17/8/2008, that the club headed back to Willowbank for their first Test and Tune day and it is there we have stayed until this very day.