Race meeting 7 results have now been corrected and re-posted.

It may take over night for this to update correctly.

The following corrections were made.

  • Group 4 Race 4 – Finishing rules were not set correctly after split up of groups (Groups 3 & 4 were run together on the night).
  • Brett Harris points were not carried over after split up of Group 1A into Groups 1A & 1B.

Both of these have been corrected through each spreadsheet for the season.

Race meeting 7 will be the last race meeting posted until the awards night.

This is due to our policy of keeping the last 2 race meetings points for the year under wraps and the possibility of rain outs for the rest of the year.

This may change if we have fine weather.

  • Also remember race meeting 7 is actually the 8th race meeting for year due to a rain out.

One Thought to “Race Meeting 7 Results”

  1. Steve Reberger

    Congratulations to Talea Kiddle. In race meeting 10 race 3, Talea smashed the track record with a time of 29.197 seconds. This is a great effort especially as this was achieved in a group 1 kart.

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