We finally got to complete an entire night of racing without any weather interruptions. What started off as a very hot day turned into a comfortable nights racing (except for the mozzies). a slightly smaller turnout from the usual numbers but we put that down to school holidays, besides that we had a great night of racing and entertainment. Group 1 drivers: Ashley Rasmussen, showed great determination, there was no way he was not going to get his kart over the line in one of his races, he putted and putted (as the little engine said, i know I can, I know I can), well he did just that, he got his kart over the line to finish the race. Another Group 1 driver, Dayle Formosa, matey, you have improved so much since you first jumped into a go kart, congratulations on your first podium finish, a 2nd place in one of your races, you should be proud of yourself. An awesome night of racing we saw the return of kart V8 out for its first run in ages. The driver (Peter Herriman) and kart did not disappoint the spectators. A great exhibition of racing from Groups 4 and 5 who were combined towards the end of nights racing.

Thank you to all those members who helped with the flag marshalling last night, the roster worked very well. A big thank you to Kristy who stepped up and operated our timing system last night (Steve Reberger, who preferred to be over in the USA), you would have been proud of her, she did an amazing job. To all the other members who helped in other positions to make the night run smoothly and finish on time, thank you for your efforts. Finally, welcome to all the new members, we hoped you enjoyed your 1st night of racing and look forward to seeing you all again.

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