Monday 9th May, 2016

Another round over and done with, Round 4 brought us some exciting racing. Junior groups are on the mark with some good close racing, not much in it, showing us some great battles and skillful driving throughout the night. Group racing also showing us some good tight racing between themselves, one roll over on the bottom corner, no serious injury with the driver up and out of the kart, a bit sore on Sunday, no doubt, but glad to hear he is ok. Some members camped over for the night on Saturday night, sharing quite a few laughs and drinks, be sure to hear some of the stories throughout the week. A great human race down the straight was one of many that was told, even a bit of strange dancing for entertainment. Sounds like everyone had a great night. Welcome back Steve Reberger, who has just spent a relaxing time over in the USA, a belated Happy Mothers Days to all the racing mums, hope you had a great Mothers Day on Sunday.

Next Round, “Round 5” will be the first TWILIGHT race meet starting 1 hour earlier than normal.

The Points will be up as soon as all verification’s have been made.

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