Hi All!!

WOW….What a massive roll-out for our Test and Tune since the floods. How great did the track look?? A Big thank you goes out to the Track Committee and all their helpers for putting in a massive effort over the Easter break to get the track ready for racing.

It was great to see the pits come alive with members, families and friends. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and happy to be to be back on the track mostly testing their new set ups for the next race meet…..Including me (watch out boys here I come)

Just remember everyone the next race meet will be the start of our Twilight meetings.

I would personally like to mention the Rookies/Juniors of our club, members and non members. We are always striving to make our club as safe as possible especially our Junior Drivers. The club rules have been put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. The kids did a fantastic job on and off the track doing what was asked of them, with respect and with out any attitude. I am very Proud of you all We will have a few new Rookies that have been passed to participate in their first race meet Saturday night, the kids are so excited and so are we. GO HARD GUYS!!

Late in the week I had a phone call from ‘The Advertiser/QT’ wanting to know if they could do a story on the club. I met with Gary Worrall on Saturday and he is going to do a story on how a Non Profitable Club bounces back from the disaster of the recent floods. I will let you know when the story will be in the paper. Once again I would like to thanks everyone for their help on Saturday.

Love You All

See you at the track

Your President
Ken Applebee (AKA KENTRUMP)
PS Respect your fellow driver, be safe

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