Hi All!!

Welcome to Round 1 of 2017…
I hope everyone had a great day/night, drivers and spectators.
I personally believe the day/night race meet went really well with no major hiccups.
K&J Racing had a shocker, but that’s racing (3 DNF’s before we got it right) lol 🙂
Firsty,Id like to thank the Race Committee and Executive for all working together and making the day/night run smoothly.
Didnt the track come up nicely…thanks Track Committee for your endless hours of track preparation
Id like to thank the scrutineers for a great job, scrutinizing over 50 karts.
A big thank you to Rod Nunn for doing the Pre Grid area, I’m sure you will all agree he did an awesome job.
Thanks to all the members that made the effort to flag, it is an important part of the night and it made the racing go a lot quicker, I think we finished just after 9 pm which was a great result for everybody.
I spent some time walking and talking to the members and their families in the pits and I’m getting a good vibe from everyone. Its nice to see everyone excited, especially the Junior drivers.
Overall I was happy with all the groups with some really close, clean driving. There will be some movements between groups before the next race meet.
P.S Don’t forget to have your say at the Club Meeting, Tuesday night at the track.
Your President
Ken Applebee (AKA KENTRUMP)

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