It has been a few weeks between races but we finally got to have a run. Although it was a small meet (53 entries) it was an awesome night. The rain held off and we completed an entire meet with accomplishing running a “12 lap” feature race. There was alot of intense close racing among a few groups,with the junior groups taking the limelight again. It was great to see one of the older members (Ralph Tinetti) returning to the track having a run.The track started of a bit slippery but according to the racers, turned out to be very good smooth race track by the end of the night. With all the rain and wind over the past weeks, the guys did an awesome job getting it back to racing standards. Thank you to all that helped with the running of the night and to all the members and spectators that turn up every race meet to support the club. Welcome to the new members, looked like you all had a great night. We had two sets of traffic lights working under trial last night as well as the Starting of races being controlled by the timing hut. Thank you to Steve Reberger for the long hours spent on these to get them up and running, they seemed to work without any glitches. The night did not go without any kart casualties,broken exhausts, chains flying off, carby troubles and engine blow up.
The night flowed very smooth and was completed on time by 9.15pm.
Hope to see you all at the track next weekend for the Test & Tune.

On behalf of the Club and Committee, we would like to thank the following people individually for their support and efforts for ensuring the race meeting could take place this weekend. For the people who were not aware of all the damage that was done to the track from the previous downpour of rain and wind the week before, these guys did an amazing job to get the track prepared and up to race standards for the club members to have a track to race on last night.

Firstly to Bryan Smith, Des Crocker, Brett Formosa, for spending endless hours at the track during the week prior to racing, digging and rolling the track surface, setting up the tyres and cones in the right positions, mounting traffic lights and all the other in between little jobs to ensure the track was race ready. To Angela Formosa for spending all day raking up and positioning the bark against the barriers for the racers safety. Steve Reberger for the long hours spent on testing and ensuring the traffic lights and timing system were working correctly. Barry Reberger and Eric Witt for stepping up to do the Start Line, Debbie Herriman for coming out and organising and running the pre grid area. Angela and Brett Formosa for the awesome food, once again. and to all of those people that helped out with the Flag marshalling during the night. A great effort guys and girls. The members should be very proud of you all for your dedication and support to the club.

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