Nominations for Executive Committee / General Committee positions for Season 2017 are still being accepted up until Saturday 26th November, 2016. Current nominations are as follows:

PRESIDENT: Ken Applebee nominated by Debbie Herriman

Ian Maclean nominated by Terry Bognuda

VICE PRESIDENT: Des Crocker nominated by Angela Formosa

Bryan Smith nominated by Des Crocker

Ian Maclean nominated by Terry Bognuda

SECRETARY: Angela Formosa nominated by Debbie Herriman

TREASURER: Kristy Wilson nominated by Angela Formosa


Ashley Rasmussen nominated by Lyndon Flor

Lyndon Flor nominated by Ashley Rasmussen

Brad Reynolds nominated by Joanne Applebee

Wayne Gilby nominated by Angela Formosa

Derren Strand nominated by Brad Reynolds

Wayne Dixon nominated by Barry Reberger

Barry Reberger nominated by Stephen Reberger

Stephen Reberger nominated by Wayne Dixon

Joanne Applebee nominated by Angela Formosa

Ian Maclean nominated by Terry Bognuda


All submission for rule changes or submission of new rules has now CLOSED:

All proposed changes are available to read and download on the “Members Area” page.

Only the advertised proposals will be discussed and voted on at the AGM.

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