Round 7 turned out to be a memorable race meeting for quite a few drivers in different groups. All junior drivers did exceptionally well throughout the night, with one (Brock Schultz) earning a new nickname “Mosquito” buzzing around the track with no problems, clocking an average time of 35 secs.

We had an unfortunate incident in the final race of Junior 3 when Brynn Stewart blew an engine and ended up being taken away by ambulance. Good news is he is okay, but not sure whether he will be back to complete the season, we wish him the best of luck which ever the outcome is. Thank you to the officials who attended to Brynn promptly. You all did a magnificent job.

Group Drivers had a blast of a night, some celebrating their first win for the season while some others unfortunately blew up engines, lost chains or received kart damage.

We had some more visitors of a different kind. A couple of kangaroos thought they would take front seat up on the mound, they were kept a very close eye on and chased away on several occasions.

Welcome to all the new members and the people who helped out with the flag marshalling on the night.

Flag Marshalling is an important task that has to be undertaken, so we ask members to please assist when ever possible. Without these people volunteering their time none of you would be able to participate.

Great food provided by the canteen as per usual. “Flipper” and the crew doing another fantastic job.

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