After a very very chilly night, Round 6 was completed with 56 entries for the night. Still a good turnout considering it is school holidays and quite a few members are away. There seemed to be alot more spectators than usual at the track. Thanks to those that came out and braved the cold weather and support the club, A big thank you to Breanna Lee Clare Formosa (our little mascot) for flippin burgers and keeping the canteen under control, you did an awesome job. Once again we saw Junior 3 with some great racing through the night. Group 1 (being our biggest group 13/14 drivers) need to watch their biffin and barging on race nights and respect their fellow drivers. A few comments were made throughout the night in regards to the trialing of the new start line procedure, most drivers saying, they prefer to have the starter standing at the front of the drivers before starting of the race.Thank you to all that Flag marshalled on the night, it was great knowing we didnt have to keep calling for any, everybody took their positions without any problems and we finished the night on time. Next event is Test and tune on July 16th.

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