ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Proxy Votes for Rule Changes/Additional Rules Submissions and Committee Positions.

For any member that wishes to submit any rules changes or additions for race season 2017 to be discussed and voted on by members at the AGM, MUST submit which rule number, (ie Rule 10.1), they would like amended or the relevant rule heading if wanting to add a new rule, (ie Rule 19: General Kart Conditions) plus how you think the additional rule should be worded. NO SUBMISSIONS FOR RULE CHANGES OR ADDITIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OF THE AGM. Only submissions recieved by the Secretary on or before November 10th will be discussed and voted on.

PROXY VOTES: Any one wishing to submit Proxy votes must submit a seperate Proxy vote form for each rule change stating which rule number they are voting on – and clearly mark “for” or “against”. All Proxy votes must be handed or emailed to club Secretary prior to the commencement of the AGM. No Proxy votes will be accepted by show of hands or on behalf of a member that cannot attend the AGM. All Rule change submissions / amendments will be available to read for those members that cannot attend the AGM.

Above also applies for members who wish to vote for people nominated for Committee and Club positions. A separate Proxy vote form must be handed to or emailed to the Secretary prior to the commencement of the AGM for each individual position and person you wish to vote for.

The Clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM)

REMINDER – Come and have your say and put your ideas forward. All nominees names for each position and person who nominated that person will be on display in the Admin Hut at the track prior to the meeting.

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