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Yes!  We do it in the dirt. This is the most addictive form of dirt track racing you can do legally from an early age.

Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club is the largest member-based dirt kart club in south-east Queensland that races under lights. We are a family orientated club that provides an affordable form of racing on a dirt circuit race track.  Great fun for people of all ages from 5 – 70+ - and our track is centrally located in the middle of Willowbank Motorsport Precinct on “Champion’s Way” between the Willowbank Drag Strip and Queensland Raceway.

Our facilities include a specially prepared Race Track, Administration Building, First Aid Room, Canteen facilities, Timing System, free spectator entry and parking for all spectators.

Our race season kicks off in January each year and normally ends early to mid-November. A full 12 Round Championship  is determined by points  giving the highest points earner at the end of the winner of each Group. Overall we have 6 Junior Groups and 8 Senior Groups.

All our race meetings are run under lights which makes it even more exciting for racing we also have Kev the Noise Davies commentate and record our racing to.

We race on a Saturday, with racing commencing at 2.00pm in the warmer months (January to March and September to November) and during the cooler months (April to August) racing commences at 1.00pm. Some of our 2 Stroke Rays are run on a Sunday in the warmer months. We also hold Test and Tune days throughout each month with testing starting around 11am.


In 1998 Bob Gartside had the idea to start up a family orientated go-kart club to race on a circuit dirt  track in Ipswich. He got some people together at his house, enlisted a committee of which he was secretary and Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club was official.

 1998 –2002 was the formative years with Bob Gartside approaching the Ipswich /West Moreton Auto club to hold discussions with  John O Connell (WMAC President at the time) who offered them the old Car Park which is where our track is situated now. This process took 3 months to finalise and a sub-lease was then drawn up between the Auto Club and Ipswich Dirt Kart Club which stipulated in the lease that they didn’t remove any trees, or create banked corners. The club paid the Auto club an annual fee for use of the land (eg: track) as well as a monthly fee of $10.00 per kart that entered for racing on the track.

Geoff Allen  and Bob Gartside designed the track by drawing a picture of the proposed track layout with a stick in the dirt. After confirmation of the plan of track, Roys Troy Machinery, Toowoomba Hwy, Blacksoil, allowed Geoff to use his grader for no charge to the club to actually plough the track to the design.

It took 3 hours for them to transport the Grader to the track only to find that it had a couple holes in the radiator. After 2 – 3 hours of grating, the track was there.

As the car park was sheer rock bed, the next 6 months was spent removing broken rocks. Lloyd Bachmann Plant hire then brought in the clay and deco mix costing $6,000.00 and the laying of the track commenced. Once the track was completed, a few race meets were held late in the year.


OUR track

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